My Interview with Actor/Author Rob Lowe

My PCTV show is called “About Writing,” and Rob Lowe had written his own book, so it looked like the perfect match. Station Manager Shane MacGaffey said he’d free up the studio for an evening interview. Shane sounded almost as excited as I was….

Westchester Arts Award

Lu Picard BenCheever John Nonna This is the speech I gave in April when Westchester Arts gave me their prize for being an artist, a prize I was certain my mother [(92) and in the audience]  would  be amused by. (In photo from L. to R.: LuPicard,  Ben Cheever (me) and John Nonna.)

“I’m too polite to ask what you’re being honored for,” my mother said, when  I invited her to come today. “That’s good,” I said, “because I’m not at all  sure myself. I wonder if these people  know who I am.” And I thought this, too, until I saw today’s program and  noticed that my remarks had been restricted to a single  minute. “Well then,” I thought,  “maybe they do know who I am.”

I certainly know who some of you are. I know  Steve Apkon and how he

April Arts Award in Westchester

ArtsWestchester is holding its annual Arts Award luncheon on April 6, and I'll be there since I'm one of the awards recipients. Find out more about the event at

“Words alone are certain good.”


“Let us assume that all men are created equal.”


“There’s no worse thief than a bad book.”


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