Westchester Arts Award

Lu Picard BenCheever John Nonna This is the speech I gave in April when Westchester Arts gave me their prize for being an artist, a prize I was certain my mother [(92) and in the audience]  would  be amused by. (In photo from L. to R.: LuPicard,  Ben Cheever (me) and John Nonna.)

“I’m too polite to ask what you’re being honored for,” my mother said, when  I invited her to come today. “That’s good,” I said, “because I’m not at all  sure myself. I wonder if these people  know who I am.” And I thought this, too, until I saw today’s program and  noticed that my remarks had been restricted to a single  minute. “Well then,” I thought,  “maybe they do know who I am.”

I certainly know who some of you are. I know  Steve Apkon and how he (more…)