Strides: Running Through History With an Unlikely Athlete (Rodale Books; 2007)


Selling Ben Cheever: Back to Square One in a Service Economy (Bloomsbury USA; 2002)


The Letters of John Cheever (Simon & Schuster; November 1988)

General Note
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When blurbing one’s books, it is customary to reprint the blurbs of other writers whose arms may have been twisted, or to quote critics, who—for whatever reason—admired a book at the moment of publication. Instead I thought I’d retype some passages. Let you decide for yourself. Radical idea?

Of course retyping made me itch to edit and maybe re-write, but then isn’t this a little like chess: once you’ve taken your hand off the bishop, you’re supposed to live with the consequences. So I’ve resisted, except in the introduction to The Letters of John Cheever. Here I cut deeply. I wanted to get quickly past my own angst and give at least a glimpse of the letters.