General Note
When blurbing one’s books, it is customary to reprint the blurbs of other writers whose arms may have been twisted, or to quote critics, who—for whatever reason—admired a book at the moment of publication. Instead I thought I’d retype some passages. Let you decide for yourself. Radical idea?

Of course retyping made me itch to edit and maybe re-write, but then isn’t this a little like chess: once you’ve taken your hand off the bishop, you’re supposed to live with the consequences. So I’ve resisted, except in the introduction to The Letters of John Cheever. Here I cut deeply. I wanted to get quickly past my own angst and give at least a glimpse of the letters.

The First Dog

The First Dog (2009) is the story of the first dog known to human kind—Adam and Eve's dog. The illustrations by Tim Grajek are lush and richly colored. Watch the book trailer (below) for more about the story:

From the book:
Your parents may have kept this from you, but the first man and the first woman dressed as the animals dress, which is to say that they never bothered to put on any clothing at all. The next time your mother begs you not to forget your mittens, you might remind her that her own mother’s mother’s mother went outside buck naked. Starkers. It’s right in the Bible. She and Adam sat around the Garden of Eden in their birthday suits.